Let It Ride

LAX Nightclub

Let It Ride Stud Poker was designed to offer our casino guests an opportunity to control two of their three bets wagered on an exciting poker game. It's enjoyable and easy to learn. The game is based on the five card stud poker games. Players do not play against the dealer or any other players. You are simply trying to get a good poker hand


Getting Started
Each player places three (3) equal bets as indicated on the layout and is dealt three cards.

The Play
You are not playing against the dealer or the other players. You are simply trying to get the best possible poker hand by using your three cards and two community cards which the dealer will expose.

After looking at the first three cards, you may ask for your first bet back or you may "Let It Ride". The dealer then turns up one community card. You may then ask for your second bet back or you may "Let It Ride".

The second community card is then turned over by the dealer, and all winning hands are paid according to the posted paytable (pair of 10s or better, two pair, etc.). Players cannot show their hands to other players.

Bet The Buck. Win A Bundle.
Just put a bet on the red circle, and if you hit a bonus hand,* a bundle of cash is yours instantly. *Check with the nearest Let It Ride Bonus table for details on winning hands and payouts.

You may make the optional 3 Card BonusTM bet in addition to your standard Let It Ride Bonus wager. At the casino's discretion, you may bet more on this bonus than on the Let It Ride Bonus. 3 Card Bonus is based on the cards you hold when playing Let It Ride Bonus. If your cards contain a pair or better, your 3 Card Bonus bet wins.


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